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Guy Wire Testing

GUY WIRES are in constant motion and under constant loads. These ropes are exposed to the elements, sometimes, hostile. Prudent and frequent examination, lubrication and tensioning are a must. Flare stacks cannot be climbed during operation. Halkin uses a

Rope Tractor that will climb the rope taking the test instrumentation and equipment with to the top of the guy rope and back to the ground anchor.

Belt Testing

PROPER LUBRICATION will help to extend the life of the guy rope. The internal portion of the wire rope is subject to corrosion and a good penetrating lubricant will protect the inside and outside of the rope and allow the rope to "breathe" so that water, in the form of condensation can find its way out of the rope structure. Heavy grease coatings on the outside of the rope typically do not penetrate into the rope. Moisture and foreign materials are sealed inside; condensation can't get out of the rope structure. The result is an established and advanced state of deterioration caused by corrosion. Halkin uses a light weight, penetrating, synthetic lubricant. This lubricant penetrates to the inner most wires and preserves and lubricates them still allowing the rope to "breathe".

PROPER TENSIONING of guy ropes is necessary in order to insure adequate support of the stack. Halkin uses hydraulic equipment to tension the ropes to the correct values. The ropes are tensioned in accordance with the manufacture's recommendations. When tensioning the guy ropes, the current condition and strength is taken into consideration and the proper adjustments are made. Before and after data is included with the formal report. Halkin can also help you with the installation of new guy ropes as replacements or new projects.

ALL WIRE ROPE wears out eventually, gradually losing work capability throughout its useful life making periodic inspections, lubrication and tensioning necessary. Defects detected during an NDT inspection can help pinpoint the factors leading to and eventual guy rope failure. Many ropes have to be retired due to damage caused by other, outside sources. NDT inspections can help our client to diagnose these conditions before its to late. The life of your investment can be extended once these outside sources are identified and corrected.

ALL HALKIN INSPECTORS are certified in accordance with ASNT and ASTM guidelines. The instrumentation used during the testing procedures meets appropriate ASTM standards. Our Quality Assurance Manual is available for your review on written request.


HALKIN INSPECTION PERSONNEL have extensive knowledge of dimensional inspection, nondestructive and destructive examination methods, welding processes, welding procedure and welder and welding operator performance qualification requirements, the examination and test requirements of codes, standards, and specifications , and the acceptance standards to be employed. All inspectors have access to and are familiar with AISC, Code of Standard Practice and our inspectors are qualified and certified in accordance with ANSI/AWS D1.1(latest edition), Structural Welding Code and/or in accordance with American Society for Nondestructive Testing Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A (latest edition). Inspector certifications will be provided to the customer upon verbal request. A copy of our Quality Assurance Manual is available upon written request.

Formal computerized reports will be sent to the client within approximately two weeks.

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