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    10 Future Workplace 2019 Report Highlights

    10 Future Workplace 2019 Report Highlights

    May 7, 2019

    Halkin is more than happy to be featured in the lastest Future Workplace Report by Raconteur, published online and in The Times.

    In fact, we’re pretty thrilled!

    Why are we so bothered? Because it’s not the only publication dedicated to predicting workplace trends, but it is one of the most prestigious, comprehensive and compelling.

    This year’s edition explores the benefits of greenifying your workspace, the need for dedicated learning spaces in offices and why tech hubs act as super catalysts for startups.

    Other canapés of coworking-themed wisdom on the menu include how to combat freelancer isolation and how innovative tech can make our working lives infinitely better.

    But before we run through the report’s highlights (download the full report for the bigger picture), we’d like to take a second to talk about our cameo in the publication.


    Why is Halkin in the Future Workplace Report?

    We’re nestled neatly underneath the ‘Building on Tech to Get Smarter’ section of the report because that’s where we feel most comfortable. Investing in the technology our members need to not just survive but thrive is one of our core brand benefits.

    Every Halkin desk and private office comes with unlimited access to high speed internet and all our meeting rooms are equipped with the latest and greatest videoconferencing technology…blah blah, etc.

    Tell us something new!

    Okay, we’ll admit: lots of flexible workspace providers offer the above nowadays.

    But in a bid to go above and beyond, we also provide our members with access to outsourced IT services during moves and a webstore stocked with anything a business could need, including software, smart devices and peripherals such as printers.

    We’ve even thrown in some smaller essentials like printer cartridges.

    …Now we’ve had chance to gloat a little, let’s take a look at some highlights from the report.


    1. Eco-friendly

    UK business are doing more than ever to make their workplaces more eco-friendly by cutting plastic, carbon emissions and catering waste.

    “Reducing our reliance on single-use plastics is a natural next step in our commitment to divert 100 per cent of our business waste from landfills by 2020,” says Kyung-Ah Park, head of the environmental markets group at Goldman Sachs.


    2. Choice

    Messaging and collaboration apps are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among Millennials. However there’s still room in our offices – and our hearts – for the humble office phone.

    “What these collaboration tools offer is choice,” says Howard Lewis, surface business group lead at Microsoft UK. “Choice about how we communicate and the tools that will best suit the project and the team in question.”


    3. Personalisation

    When it comes to technology in the workplace, personalisation is what people want. As such, the one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it anymore.

    Raconteur stat - key trends


    4. Design

    You can’t do design properly without tech these days. In fact 64% believe their organisation risks falling behind if new workplace technology isn’t integrated and 61% want virtual and augmented reality to play a stronger role.


    5. Food

    Providing staff with tasty, nourishing food not only makes for a happier workplace but it feeds the bottom line.

    “It’s our aim to be the number-one provider of amazing food experience, for everyone from startups to big global corporates. And that’s because we see food differently”, says Juan Diego Farah, global head of Deliveroo for Business.


    6. Generational working

    With four generations of workers operating under one roof, businesses are finding interesting ways to adapt to the new norm. 

    Generational working - Raconteur report trends


    7. Freelancers

    21% of freelancers list loneliness as their number one struggle, alongside communication. Coworking spaces provide a solution, but according to IPSE there still aren’t enough.

    “Coworking spaces are also a great opportunity for the fruitful collaborations that fuel the dynamism and creativity of the flexible economy,” says Chloé Jepps, deputy head of research at the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE).


    8. Smart buildings

    Applying advancing technology that adds value and interconnectivity is the key to smart buildings becoming really ‘intelligent’.

    “Future smart buildings will mirror the way in which an entire generation is accustomed to interacting,” says Layth Madi, managing director of Drees & Sommer UK.


    9. Learning

    Business leaders are wrestling with how to integrate formal and informal learning spaces at work to nurture a necessary upskilling culture.

    Reskilling - Raconteur report 2019 highlights


    10. Talent

    75% of workers consider their workplace as a symbol of how valued they are and 81% of talent will decline a position due to poor workspace design.


    So there you have it – workspace and the workplace matters more than ever!

    Download the full report here.


    Highlights from the 2019 Future Workplace Report, including Halkin