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Flexible Tenancies in Managed Offices Near London Bridge

Setting our clients up with flexible tenancies that redefine the relationship between office provider and office renter is our consistent aim here at Halkin. We’re also ready to provide the managed offices near London Bridge that can make this happen for your growing firm, no matter your company brand, values, or ethos.

Read on to learn more and find the working space you want to transform into the ideal address for your business today.

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What is a Managed Office?

A managed office is a purpose-built office space that gives its occupying tenant the opportunity to have more control over the kind of environment they work in. At their most basic level, they are empty spaces that can be transformed to suit the needs of the company renting them. They’re also particularly attractive options for startups and small businesses, given that they:

  • Offer greater flexibility in their contracts
  • Often come at a lower risk and a lower cost
  • Offer cost-effective payment options
  • Give the tenant aesthetic control so they can design the space they want
  • Increase a company’s privacy, as your team won’t share other parts of the building

Managed offices are routinely confused with serviced office spaces, such as the one we offer in Monument, as well, but there are some noticeable differences:

  • Managed offices are designed to match your requirements, whereas serviced offices come ready prepared and designed
  • Managed offices will be furnished and equipped based on the needs of any particular business renting the space
  • Managed offices come with flexible, cost-effective payment options 
  • Managed offices cater to any business which has been up and running for 18 months or more

We can make sure the managed office space near London Bridge you rent from us will be ready for your team to move in as soon as you need. This means that you can turn up on the day and get straight to work.

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Finding Your Ideal Office Space

When it comes to choosing the perfect working space for you, or for your whole company, you’ll want to be sure you’re taking the comfort needs of your employees into account. This should happen alongside all your considerations for the practical everyday needs that you need to keep in mind when running a business. This means finding a space that works for all of you, and allows your team to feel comfortable and appreciated, no matter if they’re working or taking their lunch break.

By bearing all of this in mind, you’ll be setting your business up for something better by encouraging a positive working environment. In turn, this should encourage your workers to become more efficient and effective at what they do, and over time the practices you’ve adopted should integrate with your company values and become part of your culture. You’ll find that a lot of positive outcomes can come from this that can only be better for your business, including improved performances from current workers and a large increase in the number of hopeful job seekers looking to join your team.

Having a luxurious office with an in-vogue address is also the perfect way to attract major players in your industry as partners, clients, or even as investors. When they come for a networking event, presentation, or meeting, they’ll be getting the best sense of what you value and how you operate as a firm, all while sitting in a space that reflects the aims and ideals of your company.

Contact Us to Arrange a Viewing

Whether you own and operate an SME and you’re looking for your first office space in the capital, or even if you’re in charge of a larger corporation and you need a new, cost-effective headquarters to host international meetings, we’re confident that we’ll have the place for you.

We’ll also do everything we can to cater to your individual needs, and you’ll always find something to match your requirements in our portfolio. Whether you’re looking for meeting rooms with the latest technology already installed, want open-plan spaces for socialising and networking, or need an address you know will attract clients, we can provide it all.

Contact our team today if you’re ready to view managed offices that will put you within a short reach of London Bridge, or to speak to a member of staff about the other options we have available for our rented spaces. We’ll always be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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