Born from over twenty years’ industry experience, we’ve created our Smart Working Membership to truly service the needs of the SME business and entrepreneurs. So, whether you need call handling, an address or some flexible coworking desks, we’re on-hand to help.

    Watford Co-Working Spaces

    The Junction, Station Road. Watford, WD17 1ET

    The Junction benefits from excellent road connections, being located close to both the M1 (J5) and M25 (J19), and its rail connections are equally impressive. More info
    Individual Membership - 1 month
    £250 per month
    Individual Membership - 6 month
    £215 per month
    Individual Membership - 12 month
    £190 per month

    Monument Co-Working Spaces

    10 Lower Thames Street, EC3R 6AF

    Our Lower Thames Street building is a cut above the competition. Three minutes’ walk from the tube, this stunning centre is set over four floors of impressive interior design. More info
    Individual Membership - 1 month
    £450 per month
    Individual Membership - 6 month
    £390 per month
    Individual Membership - 12 month
    £350 per month

    Southwark Co-Working Spaces

    1-2 Paris Garden. London, SE1 8ND

    Behind our Southwark building’s art-deco exterior is a large, vibrant space. Newly refurbished to include welcoming break-out spaces, a restaurant and coffee shop, the building also provides large conference facilities and meeting rooms. More info
    Individual Membership - 1 month
    £450 per month
    Individual Membership - 6 month
    £390 per month
    Individual Membership - 12 month
    £350 per month

    Hanover Square Co-Working Spaces

    13 Hanover Square, Mayfair, London W1S 1HN

    Halkin’s premium Hanover Square building is more comparable to a five-star hotel than an everyday workspace. More info
    Individual Membership - 1 month
    £450 per month
    Individual Membership - 6 month
    £390 per month
    Individual Membership - 12 month
    £350 per month

    Lounge Space

    Exceptional and inspiring design has become our signature.

    You will find a vast array of different styles as you explore London through our portfolio.

    Our business lounges are the ideal showcase of each building’s unique aesthetics and often act as a compliment to its heritage.

    Our lounge membership provides the ideal flexible working environment for those that don’t want to be tied to a desk, where style, service and the latest technology meets the comforts of home.

    C-Working Space in LondonCo-Working Spaces in London 

    The main benefits that come with our co-working spaces include:

    A low risk, cost-effective workspace solution

    • Networking opportunities
    • Creative, fun and social atmosphere
    • Access to exceptional facilities and resources
    • Flexible payment options
    • No long-term contracts

    We have spaces available in multiple locations throughout London including Monument, Southwark and Watford.

    What is a Co-Working Space?

    Also known as hot-desking, these are spaces that provide the client with a desk space that is shared by other employees or freelancers. It is a flexible solution for people looking for a cost-effective workplace solution. Workers may come and go as they please, select a free workspace, and work whenever suits them.

    Co-working spaces are popular among freelancers and start-ups looking for a flexible and cost-effective way to run their businesses.

    Co-Working FAQs

    Can I make the desk ‘my own’?

    Coworking at Halkin

    Yes, Halkin allows all members to customise their desk whichever way they want. Your coworking space is yours to make your own and we also provide locker space for you to store your more personal belongings if you so choose.

    How do I book my coworking space?

    Securing your coworking space at Halkin could not be easier. You simply contact our team via phone call or email and we discuss your requirements from there. Once you’re happy with your desk arrangements, we will invite you for a tour to introduce you to your new surroundings. 

    If you require any additional amenities, please speak to us and we’ll accommodate.

    Can I visit your office to arrange a tour?

    Due to the situation regarding COVID-19, we are currently only accepting tours through pre-booked viewings. If you would like to arrange a tour, please do so by contacting us via phone or email.

    How many people can share a coworking desk/space?

    Our spaces and desks can cater to small businesses and start-ups. If you are a larger company you may be a better off opting for a managed or serviced office.

    Can I have access to Halkin facilities/technology?

    Co-working in LondonAfter you become a member of Halkin, you will be able to book meeting room slots and have access to all technology required for professional video conferences and meetings. You will also have access to the best coffee!

    How long is my coworking space contract?

    Halkin provides flexible tenancy contracts for all businesses. Simply contact us for more information.

    What sort of people will I be working with?

    One of the biggest benefits of working in a coworking space is the people you meet. The majority of coworkers are usually freelancers, small businesses, or startups, and you may find that they lean towards creative careers, such as digital marketing, graphic design, animation, video, and more. This is ideal for like-minded workers looking to surround themselves with people who follow similar interests and career paths.

    The chance to network or even collaborate with people in your industry doubles in a coworking space. The atmosphere is also quite lively, fun, and energetic, so if this is something you’re looking for, coworking may be the perfect workspace environment for you.

    Do I have 24-hour access to my desk?

    Yes, as long as you are a member of Halkin, you will be able to access your shared desk any time you like. You simply scan in and get to work.

    What facilities are available to me?

    Co-workingThrough Halkin, you will be able to book meeting rooms equipped with all the tech you need to host a professional meeting with clients or your team. You will also have the option to upgrade at any time to a serviced, managed, or private office. Showers and bike racks are also available in some of our locations.

    Additionally, as all Halkin buildings are situated in iconic central locations in London, you will also have access to the finest bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues from our doorstep!

    Can I cancel whenever I want?

    Our contacts are designed to be flexible and adjustable to your needs. If you would like to cancel your contract with Halkin, we only ask you to give one month’s notice.

    Do you have any photos?

    Better, we have a video that takes you through the whole of our stunning office locations across London. You can also find photos on each of our workspaces on the location pages section of our website.

    Booking your viewing is simple, simply contact our team today to arrange a time and a day that suits you and we will book you in. With access to exceptional facilities and resources, no long-term contracts, cost-effective workspace solutions and a fun, engaging atmosphere, Halkin has you covered.

    Send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

    Arrange to View Your Co-Working Space in London Today

    Co-working spaces provide fantastic opportunities to network with like-minded people and offer a low-risk, cost-effective solution for freelancers and start-up businesses. For more information on your coworking space services, office facilities, locations or to discuss specific requirements before your viewing, please contact us via phone or email.