High-End Options for Office Spaces in Mayfair

    We are here to provide our clients with a range of luxurious options for the most comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective working spaces whenever they need them in Central London. If you would like to set your company up in a business centre that’s as impressive and elegant as it is a model of professional working, you can take a look at our office spaces in Mayfair.

    Find out more about our offices in Mayfair below and discover how your business could find room to grow in one of London’s most fashionable districts today.

    13 Hanover Square

    Halkin’s premium Hanover Square building is more comparable to a five-star hotel than an everyday workspace.

    14 Hanover Square

    Halkin’s largest Mayfair building is perfect for start-ups and SME’s looking for a Mayfair address.

    15 Hanover Square

    A recently refurbished, self-sufficient office space in W1, this Mayfair townhouse benefits from over-looking Hanover square’s gardens with plenty of natural light flooding each floor and from having neighbouring serviced offices directly beside it.

    16 Hanover Square

    16 Hanover Square is an elegant period building nestled in the corner of the north side of the square boasting beautiful boutique private offices and co-working within a short walk of Oxford Circus and Bond Street.

    Choosing an Office Space in Mayfair

    We are fully committed to helping our clients find commercial offices and working spaces to suit their businesses in every way. This includes providing them with options for serviced and managed offices that come at affordable prices and with a range of benefits and features that are set up to help tenants succeed. We never sacrifice comfort for convenience, either; every office we have in our portfolio is as stylish and comfortable to work in as it is easy to rent and use.

    Our team will work closely with you to find your perfect office or working space in Mayfair and help you to meet the needs of your business. No matter if you are just starting with an entrepreneurial idea and need to make use of a professional address and networking space to expand your list of contacts, or even if you are a more established business looking for a permanent corporation headquarters, we have everything you need.

    Why Partner with Halkin?

    Choosing to partner with us will give you access to a wonderful range of benefits that you can only take advantage of by working with our team. These are also sure to help your business grow and thrive as you imagine.

    We’ve listed a few of these benefits below so that you can consider what you and your business will be getting once you’ve signed up for membership:

    • A fantastic selection of high-end office spaces to choose from across some of London’s most prestigious and affluent areas
    • Conference facilities and technology available
    • Flexible terms on permanent and semi-permanent tenancy agreements
    • Immediate move-in options, for teams who need to get started as soon as possible
    • Meeting rooms for hire
    • Personalisation options for individual office spaces
    • Private offices for hire

    Our Office Spaces in Mayfair

    Nestled in the upper corner of Hanover Square, just south of Oxford Street and to the west of Regent Street, you will find our commercial office spaces in Mayfair. They might not appear to be offices upon first viewing, however, as each one offers a stunning façade that hides an equally beautiful yet distinctively-decorated and styled interior. Plush, comfortable working is available throughout every building, and you will be able to choose from coworking Lounge spaces and private offices as you would prefer.

    Close commuter links also add to the comfort and convenience of choosing our Mayfair offices; it’s possible to get to any of them in no time at all by taking the Tube and exiting at Bond Street or Oxford Circus Underground stations. Slightly longer journeys on foot can be made from Piccadilly Circus and Green Park, with the latter offering a tranquil walk through Berkeley Square.

    Explore each of our addresses in more detail below and take the virtual tours to see how your business could fit into the spaces they offer:

    Serviced Office Spaces

    All of our office spaces in Hanover Square come fully equipped with everything your business could need, whether you’re only just starting or are more established and moving to a larger location. This includes phone and IT services, which will already be in place before you move in, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle or frustration of getting these set up before you can start working. The space will also come fully furnished, so you won’t have to spend more to ensure your office or workspace is fitted with every necessity.

    As we own and manage the buildings, you also won’t have to pay extra on attached maintenance fees. These are already covered, as are the costs of our other provided services.

    Managed Office Spaces

    When you decide on a managed office space in Mayfair, you will be given full flexibility in terms of how and when you want to work from that space. You’ll also be given access to a range of amenities within the building. These include:

    • Bespoke interior design and personalisation services
    • Concierge services
    • Flexible move-in dates to suit your needs
    • State-of-the-art technology

    We’ll also be happy to offer a managed solution that can reduce your overheads and give you the chance to choose how you’ll use the office space. There won’t be any complications or problems from taking on a lease or sublet agreement, either.

    Meeting Rooms

    If you know you’ll need a place to host meetings with your team and hold events with potential clients, investors, or partners, three of our Mayfair properties can offer you comfortable meeting rooms to make it happen. These are available to rent from £35 an hour, meaning that they are just as suitable for your budget as our other services. Each is fitted with the most up-to-date technology as well, so if you are contacting important people via video call, you will find your connection remains clear throughout.

    Virtual Offices

    If you are not yet ready to move into office space but would still like to take the opportunity to give your business a professional address, you may wish to first consider a virtual office membership. This means that your company will be registered at 13 Hanover Square, and all your calls and mail will be forwarded to you – no matter where you intend to spend the day. You won’t have to commute to your “space”, and will receive the same service from our reception as you would if you had!

    What We Offer with Office Spaces in Mayfair

    When you decide that you would like to rent from us in Mayfair, you will have the option of choosing your space from one of four beautiful, uniquely stylish buildings in Hanover Square. Each offers multiple floors that are all designed and equipped to suit your needs and the needs of your business, and you can rest assured that each of these will be ready for you to use as soon as you move in and get started on your first day. We’ll also be glad to provide fit-out services to suit your specifications, if necessary.

    Our flexible service extends across everything we provide, meaning we will do all we can to guarantee your satisfaction in the office you choose. As part of this, we maintain an open-door policy for all of our clients. You’ll always be able to get in touch with us if there is something you feel needs changing or improving, or if there is something that requires our assistance. This includes any discussions you might want to have about changing your tenancy agreement.

    Book a Viewing in Mayfair

    If you know you’re ready to provide your SME with its first professional address in Central London, or if you manage a larger firm and you want the most prestigious location possible for your new UK headquarters, contact Halkin today. We know that we can help you to find the commercial office space or virtual address that works best for your business, right in the heart of Mayfair. We can even help you to book a viewing of any one of our buildings if you would like to see how your company could fit into its interior before you commit to a membership.

    We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have about our addresses and our services before we begin, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is something else you would like to know.