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Conference Rooms in London Equipped to Suit Every Requirement

Each of our conference rooms in London is designed to suit any business requirement, whether you’re hosting a small conference to win over potential clients, a corporate event, or you’re spearheading a board meeting for your company.

All Halkin conference rooms are now COVID-19-friendly. They are spacious, fully-equipped to handle any conference requirement and arranged to adhere to social distancing rules. Our staff and client safety is always our top priority, so if there is something we can do to enhance your experience, please let us know.

We have the tech to ensure you reach your clients over Zoom or any other video-based software you require. Everything is made easy and accessible to ensure your conference runs smoothly with Halkin.

From just £35 an hour, book your conference room in London today and strike the right impression to your guests and clients.

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What’s the difference between a conference room and a meeting room?

Both rooms are essentially used to gather people to discuss a particular subject, share ideas, pitch to clients, host development seminars and everything in between. Although both meeting and conference rooms share several similarities with each other, the main difference comes down to size and scale.

Conference venues, centres or rooms are typically slightly larger than meeting rooms and are often held externally (most businesses would rent a conference room). Attendance numbers are also usually higher, with people outside of your business joining. In terms of facilities, conference rooms are usually better-equipped to handle video conferences, product launches, training rooms and even private parties.

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Hire A conference room in London WITH HALKIN

Whether you’re looking for small conference rooms in London tailored to Zoom presentations and video conferences, or a larger London conference room to host external talks with clients and guests, we can accommodate any requirement. 

After you’ve booked your conference room at one of our London buildings, we’ll be on-hand to provide any advice or support you need. Alternatively, if you need to rebook or cancel your conference room in London, we’re just a phone call away.

As well as conference rooms we also have a wide range of other services available, including:

Coworking Space
Flexible Office Space
Hot Desks
Managed Offices
Serviced Offices
Luxury Office Space
Dog Friendly Office Space
Virtual Offices

Arrange a viewing or contact our team today for more information.

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