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Hot DeskS in London | Premium & Affordable Workspace Solutions

Hot desking in London provides freelancers, start-ups and even some small businesses the chance to work flexibly at a permanent address without a costly overhead. At Halkin, we provide you with hot desk spaces within iconic areas and buildings within London to dip in and out of at will. The need for hot desks in London and flexible workspaces in general continues to grow, with figures eclipsing almost two million in the UK.

You will receive a variety of benefits with when hot desking in a Halkin office, including:

  • A low risk, cost-effective workspace solution
  • Networking opportunities
  • Creative, fun and social atmosphere
  • Access to exceptional facilities and resources
  • Flexible payment options
  • No long-term contracts

Get in touch with our team to arrange your viewing and begin your flexible work model.

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What is hot desking?

Hot desking provides members the opportunity to work flexibility and can even switch between our multiple offices in London (if required).

Hot desking is a flexible office workspace that allows members to turn up, find a desk and log on. Unlike a traditional office setup, there are no ‘fixed desks’ that's where the term hot desking comes from. You find a desk that’s free and you get to work. Desks are often shared by several employees, and you will likely be sat next to someone new every day. This makes hot desking fantastic for networking among freelancers, start-ups and SMES.

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Our hot desk spaces in London

Halkin provides three stunning buildings situated in iconic London locations, all primed for flexible working. For members who enjoy collaborative workspaces and enjoy working in an engaging and fast-paced environment, our workspaces in Monument, Southwark and Watford accommodate these requirements.  

We are proud to provide workspaces in some of the most sought-after hot desk locations in London and we encourage visitors to arrange a free tour of their new workspace to get an honest and true reflection of what it’s like to become part of the Halkin culture. 

As well as hot desks we also provide a wide range of office solutions in London, including:

Coworking Space
Dog Friendly Offices
Flexible Offices
Managed Offices
Serviced Offices
Luxury Office Space
Conference Rooms
Virtual Offices

Arrange a free viewing to explore one of our buildings and transform the way you work today with Halkin.

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