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Luxury Serviced Offices in London

We make it our aim to offer clients the luxury serviced offices in London that keep their company ethos in mind and are fully prepared for their team’s comfort. This is why we have a versatile range of large, mixed-use, hybrid-style buildings that we’ll be happy to make over to best suit any new company moving in.

Choose from our selection of serviced office spaces and find your business’ ideal address today.

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What is a Serviced Office?

For those who have never heard the term before, a serviced office is a fully-furnished, fully equipped space that can be rented out to companies and other working parties. When you partner with us, any luxury office space that you choose from our portfolio will be located in a building that we own, and that we’ll be happy to maintain and operate on your behalf.

Renting out a serviced office has a number of benefits and advantages, especially to small business owners, those just starting out, or those looking for efficient alternatives to conventional office spaces. It provides a cost-effective address, on a flexible office tenancy agreement, and there won’t be any maintenance fees to worry about because all of the costs are covered by the owner of the building.

As each location comes fully furnished and equipped with everything your team will need, all you’ll have to do is move in and get started on your work.

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Finding the Perfect Place to Work in London

When looking for the place you know your business will grow and flourish, it’s important to take the comfort needs of your employees into consideration, as well as the practical needs of running your company from day to day. This is why you should always be sure to find a place that lets them relax and feel valued, whether they’re working or on a break.

Doing this encourages a positive working environment, which is more likely to be adopted into your company culture over time and could evolve into a series of even more positive outcomes. From happier and more efficient workers, to an increase in hopeful applicants looking to join your team, you could see it all with the right address to your company name.

Having the right address, in a space that fully reflects your aims and ideals, could even create the best first impression possible for potential clients, partners, or investors looking to spend time and money with your firm.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur and just starting out with your new business in your first semi-permanent space, or even if you’re a larger firm and looking to expand your list of locations across London, Halkin will be here to help.

We’re fully prepared to cater to all of your needs when you sign on for membership, no matter what you need from a luxury serviced office in London. Our portfolio will have it all, from the comfortable spaces your team can relax in while they’re on lunch, to the high speed internet and updated tech services you need to talk to clients all over the world.

As well as serviced offices we also provide a wide range of office solutions in London, including:

Coworking Space
Dog Friendly Offices
Flexible Offices
Managed Offices
Hot Desks
Luxury Office Space
Conference Rooms
Virtual Offices

Contact us to book a viewing today, or to ask any questions you may have about what we can offer.

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