Experience Tailored Luxury with Halkin’s Design-Led Serviced Offices in Mayfair

13 Hanover Square

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The fast-paced nature of the finance world can have a significant impact on your office needs. Our serviced offices at 13 and 14 Hanover Square offer a convenient, plug-and-play solution for businesses in the finance industry looking for an immediate home for their business, whether scaling up or down. 

We also understand that every business has unique requirements when looking for a serviced office space, and strive to reflect that in our luxury Mayfair offering. While our serviced offices are move-in ready, we also offer the opportunity to add your brand personality to your workspace. 

Whether it's adding your brand colours, creating a bespoke flooring design, or incorporating custom furnishings, we strive to create an office that truly reflects your unique identity and business values. 

To find out more about our serviced office spaces, and their design potential, contact our team to book your private viewing today.

Design and Customisation - Mayfair

Creating a Distinctive Workspace

Every business has its own brand identity, culture and specific requirements that need to be reflected in their workspace. Whether it’s the desire to create a workspace that aligns with their brand image and values, fosters increased productivity or enhances client perception, by ensuring that your workplace aligns with your company ethos, your entire business will benefit from greater cohesion and brand identity.

We partner with a number of businesses in the finance industry that are looking for greater customisation potential, and understand the importance of providing a space that not only meets functional requirements, but also reflects the essence of your business.

Design and Customisation - Mayfair

Custom Serviced Office Design Solutions

Throughout the Halkin portfolio, we’ve prioritised design-led spaces which embody modern office infrastructure principles. Each of our serviced offices in Mayfair reflects the sophistication of its home address, exuding a distinctive flair and elegance, whilst ensuring uncompromising functionality.

From customising the colour scheme and incorporating bespoke flooring to arranging furniture to optimise workflow, we can work closely with our clients to create a workspace that truly represents their ideal workspace.

Tailored Flooring Layouts

Our serviced offices provide a blank canvas for you to bring your vision to life. Whether you prefer an open-plan layout to encourage collaboration or a more segmented approach for focused work, our expert team will work with you to create a seating arrangement that enhances productivity and reflects your company culture.

We know that a well-designed workspace can have a positive impact on employee morale and client perception, which is essential for your growth as a business in the finance industry. With our design and customisation potential, you can maximise the use of your floor space and create an environment that aligns more closely with your brand identity.

Technology Integration

In the fast-paced world of finance, technology plays a critical role in driving efficiency and productivity. In our effort to provide bespoke solutions for a range of industries, our serviced offices offer customisation flexibility, including the ability to integrate your IT systems and equipment effortlessly.

We provide the platform for you to create a tailored technological environment that aligns with your business needs. Whether it's integrating your existing IT infrastructure or setting up cutting-edge systems, our expert team is here to support you every step of the way.

Branding Opportunities

Although complete design flexibility may be better achieved in a managed office, Halkin understands the importance of creating a workspace that reflects your brand identity to make a lasting impression on clients and employees.

While our serviced offices do have limitations in terms of design and customisation, we are able to provide some flexibility for branding opportunities, allowing you to incorporate your brand's personality into your office space. This can include tailoring the wall colours to match your brand palette, incorporating your logo discreetly or displaying your brand message strategically.

Tailored Serviced Offices With Your Needs in Mind

Our serviced office solutions are designed to cater to the unique needs of Mayfair’s thriving finance industry. Going beyond the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional office leasing, we offer a personalised service with the intelligent, human support of our expert team.

With our flexible lease policy, you have the freedom to tailor the duration of your contract to suit your business, whether it’s a short-term project or a long-term commitment. We believe in providing a truly scalable solution, empowering you to call the shots during your partnership with us.

Our team is dedicated to helping your business grow, working alongside you to minimise obstacles to success. From packaging your serviced office and professional services into one monthly fee, to handling your bespoke design and customisation requests, we pride ourselves on offering forward-thinking, solution-led support to address your every requirement.

Design and Customisation - Mayfair

Enquire With Halkin Today for Your Private Office Viewing

With over 100 years of combined experience on our team, we’ll provide a serviced office experience that goes beyond a workspace. When you partner with us, you’ll enjoy an environment that aligns with your business needs and aspirations, giving you and your team the space and momentum to thrive, performing to the high standards expected of you.

With flexible leases, customisation potential and all-inclusive monthly payments encompassing your office space and a range of professional services such as cleaning, maintenance and IT support, we offer a tailored solution that truly reflects your vision.

To take the next step towards a workspace that inspires success, contact us today on 0203 196 5777 to book your private viewing of one of our luxury Mayfair serviced offices.

Design and Customisation - Mayfair
Design and Customisation - Mayfair
Design and Customisation - Mayfair