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YOUR Luxury Workspace in Mayfair

We offer our clients a choice of diverse yet comfortable and cost-effective offices and other spaces to help their businesses thrive. That’s why we’re glad to be able to provide them with a range of luxurious, versatile workspaces in Mayfair, one of the most fashionable and prestigious districts in Central London.

Find out more about these blends of convivial, creative coworking spaces and practical, peaceful private offices that you can call your own here. Alternatively, you can contact us right away if you would like to learn more from our team before you choose an ideal working place.

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Our Workspaces in THE HEART OF Mayfair

Just south of Oxford Street, to the west of Regent Street, and nestled in a corner of Mayfair, lies Hanover Square. Within this beautiful green area, we can offer you a choice of three addresses that provide excellent workspace opportunities, whether you are more interested in coworking and learning more from others in your (or a similar) industry or would like a private office to work in complete peace and professional comfort. 

For those looking for the freedom and the sharing of ideas that occurs with coworking, our addresses all boast plush, stylish lounge spaces. These are the areas we have designed to make coworking possible, giving you an experience similar to the relaxation and socialisation found in upmarket hotels, bars, and restaurants. You’ll certainly find it more unique than traditional hot-desking, or working in any other kind of office space!

Explore each of our addresses in more detail and take their buildings’ virtual tours at your leisure on their pages:

Close commuter links to each of these addresses also add to the convenience of working there; it’s possible to travel from across London and reach any one of them in no time at all by exiting at nearby Bond Street or Oxford Circus Underground stations. Slightly longer journeys on foot can also be taken from Piccadilly Circus and Green Park, with the latter having the potential to take you through the wonderfully green outdoor space offered by Berkeley Square. 

Having these options available offers fast, easy access to other areas of London whenever you need them. This means that if you ever need to meet with a potential client, partner, investor, or attend a networking event that you know will be good for your business, you will always have the means of transport to get you there on time. 

With a range of shops, restaurants, and cafés available within a close walking distance, you will also have the opportunity to help yourself to varied, delicious lunches or interesting breaks whenever you like. You may even consider treating a client or guest if they come to visit you at your new, professional address!

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Book a Viewing in Mayfair Today

Whether you are just getting started with an entrepreneurial idea, would like a more professional space to work from than your own home office, or even if you’d like a permanent, private office for an established business, contact our team today. We are more than certain that one of our workspaces in Mayfair can offer you everything you need, and we’ll always be there to assist if something needs changing or improving to make it just right for your company.

Our team can even help you to arrange a viewing if you’d like to see any one of our addresses before you decide to move in, or tell you more about our service if there are things you still need to know before you get started. Get in touch with us on the phone or send us an email to book your slot as soon as possible, or to have any questions you’ve got answered right away. We’ll work hard to ensure you get the answers you want, as well as everything you need in an address that suits your firm perfectly.

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