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A Tidy Desk Makes a Tidy Mind

A Tidy Desk Makes a Tidy Mind

January 17, 2020

Cluttered environments make it harder for us to focus.

Forget new year’s resolutions; for us, it’s all about those small hacks that make the working day that bit easier. We call them “work-solutions”.

The first in our series of mini animations focuses on decluttering our desks. Studies show that when there are lots of things in our environment to take in, our brains process situations slower.

In a way, it’s as if the objects are competing for our attention.

That’s why we can find it difficult to focus on work and get easily distracted when there’s a lot of clutter around us. Maintaining a tidy desk can help us work more effectively and have a positive impact on our mental wellbeing.

Top tips for keeping your desk tidy:

1) Move everything on your desk (except your computer) into a box. Only take an item out of the box when you need it, and then store it away in a draw or neatly on your desk. You might find that some items remain in the box, at which point you can find them a new home!

2) Invest in a desk tidy for your stationery and those pesky “bits & bobs”. Alternatively, make your own! Crafting can be very therapeutic. Why not use it as a group making activity when it’s quiet?

Make your own desk organiser.

3) Loose cables are an eyesore and a health and safety hazard. Tie up cables and tuck them out of sight, or run them along the back of your desk so they don’t run the risk of tripping someone up.

4) Finally, set aside five minutes at the end of each working day to do a quick tidy of your desk. After a couple of days it’ll probably only take you a minute. Maximum. We promise.

A tidy desk will help provide you with the peace of mind you need to work productively. And that’s good for you, your coworkers and your company.