All You Need to Know About Hot Desking

All You Need to Know About Hot Desking

Hot desking has become more popular thanks to its cost-effectiveness and its flexibility. Hot desking is particularly popular for freelancers, SMEs and start-ups who are looking for a semi-permanent workspace to dip in and out of when they please. This office format comes with plenty of benefits for those who are looking for a creative, cost-effective and flexible workspace.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is the most flexible workspace solution next to co-working. Anyone can use a hot desk space but they are most popular with freelancers looking for cost-effective and creative workspace solutions. They are also present great networking opportunities, as it’s likely you’ll be sat next to someone new every day.

Is hot desking the same as co-working?

Not exactly, hot desking implies that the workspace (typically a desk) is not solely yours and is shared by a number of different people. It is the most flexible and adaptable workspace format, you simply turn up, plug in and crack on – and when you’re finished, you take all your belongings with you.

Co-working on the other hand, is a more permanent workspace solution. Co-working spaces are essentially offices that are shared between multiple businesses, not just your own team or job type. They are very popular among SMEs, start-ups and freelancers because they provide a cost-effective and flexible workspace solution. Some co-working spaces will also offer storage space and lockers for laptops and other equipment you wish to leave at work.

Hot desking advantages and disadvantages

Hot desking isn’t for everybody, so here are some advantages and disadvantages to help identify whether hot desking is appropriate for you:

List of advantages:

1. Cost-effectiveness

As briefly mentioned before, hot desking is extremely cost-effective and provides a great solution for SMES, small businesses and freelancers.

2. Flexible working

Being able to work around a time that suits your profession is very beneficial for flexible workers. Hot desk facilities come with the freedom to pick and choose when you come to work and how you manage your desk space. Some offices offer 24-hour access for ultimate flexibility this is something that we provide through our co-working spaces.

3. Ideal for remote workers

People who work from home can also utilise this space for off-the-cuff client meetings. The space then becomes an adaptable meeting room or informal breakout space.

4. Networking

The beauty of hot desking is that it subconsciously promotes social networking. You are more likely to form new relationships and collaborations when hot desking, as you’ll be sat next to someone new every day.

Hot desking then becomes more than just a desk; it’s a communication asset that promotes collaboration and encourages employees to engage with the person next to them.

List of disadvantages

1. Personal space

It goes without saying, hot desking does (for the most part) limit your personal space. Desks are typically shared with several people and you will need to be mindful over your allocated space. Additionally, people who require a quiet workspace may struggle in some hot desk stations, as they are usually live and energetic areas primed for networking and collaborating. Alternatively, you could just plug in and listen to some music!

2. Restricted access to certain accommodations

Unlike a serviced or managed office, hot desks do not come with many amenities, if any. The desk is a blank canvas and it’s up to you to bring any equipment you need to complete your work efficiently. Things like video conference technology, conference facilities and even tea or coffee may not be readily available. If you do require such amenities, you may want to consider alternatives to hot desking, such as a managed office or serviced office solution.

3. Some spaces do not have storage

You may find that some hot desking spaces do not come with much storage space, if any. This does limit how much you can bring with you, so if you have a stack of documents, a laptop and research material, you may find your work commute somewhat laborious.

Research whether your workspace provides secure storage if this is important to you. Our co-working workspaces in Watford provide secure lockers for overnight storage, so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe within our co-working buildings.

Does hot desking work?

Hot desking works for the right people. For fast-paced individuals who enjoy a constantly changing environment, hot desking is a viable workspace solution.

It’s also a big hit with millennials and generation X, as it presents a flexible and creative workspace solution with Wi-Fi and other readily-available tech necessities.

Looking for alternatives to hot desking?

Whether you’re looking for co-working, serviced or managed space, our job is to ensure your workspace is equipped to meet your every requirement. We are more than just a company that provides office space, our clients become part of our culture and with that comes a number of major benefits, such as flexible tenancy options, access to in-house facilities and workspaces in iconic, highly sought-after locations in London.

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