Be More Mindful, Pull Up the Blind

Be More Mindful, Pull Up the Blind

Natural light is the #1 feature people look for in a workspace.

Dog-friendly policies, sleeping pods, table tennis — the list of modern day office perks gets longer every day. But while these are certainly exciting, it’s the basic, fundamental things that make an office stand the test of time.

A survey by HR advisory firm Future Workplace called “The Employee Experience” reveals that access to natural light and outdoor views are the number one attribute of the workplace environment.

What are the main benefits of natural light in the workplace, anyway?

A more productive workforce

Wellbeing practitioners, Cohere found that 40% of workplaces with access to ample daylight experienced up to 40% more productivity and sales.

A happier workforce

Studies show that there is a strong relationship between people’s exposure to daylight at work and their sleep, activity, and quality of life.

A healthier workforce

Professor Alan Hedge found that workspaces with natural daylight resulted in an 84% drop in symptoms of eye strain, headaches and blurred vision.

So, what are you waiting for? Open those blinds!