The 5 Biggest Benefits of Coworking Spaces for Startups

Since 2019, there has been a prolific surge in home working, hybrid working and coworking. Coworking is becoming increasingly popular with new entrepreneurs and startups due to its more affordable and flexible atmosphere. Coworking spaces are designed and decorated to encourage maximum productivity and promote socialisation with space users from other businesses.

Coworking spaces operate to bridge the gap between home working and traditional office working. Providing professional and affordable working spaces means that businesses can rent areas of these flexible spaces to have a dedicated environment for their team to work in. There are a multitude of benefits to working in a coworking space for any startup company. 


Price points are one of the most important factors, and often restraints when looking for a space to work for a startup company. Renting, operating and decorating an office can become extremely expensive but is required to create a functional working space. Once a traditional office space has been rented, you then need to spend money on furnishing, amenities and wifi.

Coworking spaces are available to rent fully furnished, with wifi included. Each space is designed and decorated with the average working professional in mind, meaning that anything that you could need throughout your normal working day will be readily available to you within our coworking spaces.

Networking Opportunities

Another huge factor of being a startup company is acquiring contacts and connections within the industry to grow your business, which if you are new to the scene, can be very hard to find. Coworking spaces are a perfect opportunity for startups to take advantage of the networking opportunities that present themselves. Whether you are meeting people at scheduled networking or social events, or if you are just simply introducing yourself over coffee, you are surrounded by people in similar situations to yourself who will be more than enthused to swap knowledge. 

Coworking spaces are full of like-minded professionals, which makes it an excellent field to create and build valuable connections and gain partnerships. With space users who are experts in their field, you will be surrounded by people who you can learn from and in turn, can learn from you.

Access to Clients

With the opportunity of networking, you will be introduced to a medley of different professionals from a range of industries. Working alongside other employees from different businesses is an excellent way to gain insight into different markets and workforces. If a client is not matched with another company’s particular line of work, it may be yours that they contact next.

Coworking spaces are built with lounges, kitchens, hotdesks and meeting rooms, making it easy for any client meeting or conference that requires a professional workspace, whether that be virtually or in person. There is nothing more impressionable than what your workplace or office looks like to potential paying clients/customers.

Productive Atmosphere

A lot of startup companies are created at home, meaning that it is very easy to continue your line of work remotely. While home working is beneficial for some people and instances, there are a lot of unnecessary distractions which result in your priority shifting from work.

Coworking spaces are created with optimal lighting, desks, chairs, and access to kitchen and bathroom facilities alongside a carefully designed aesthetic to maximise productivity. It is very easy to get caught up in home chores or the television while working from home. Working from an office space, rather than home, means that you are surrounded by people doing the same thing as you, subsequently developing a healthy work-life balance between your workspace and your personal space which will help you to associate the office with productivity.

Health and Wellbeing

With working from home at an all-time high, a coworking space is perfect for those who wish to hybrid work or still have the opportunity to work from a personal setting. No flexible office space user is obligated to fulfil a certain amount of time, however, having a place to go to work is extremely beneficial for mental health.

Being able to distinguish between your home life and work life is incredibly important, especially within startup companies or new entrepreneurs. It is very easy to fall into early habits of working through personal time and exceeding hours, consequently resulting in overworking and exhaustion. When the majority of your time is already spent at work, it is important to create a clear divide between your recreational time and office hours. Having a coworking space to spend your working hours is an excellent way to define that line between work and play. 

Coworking Spaces for Startup and New Businesses

A coworking space is a great choice for startups and new businesses who want to establish a professional working space for themselves and their employees without having to commit to the long leases of a traditional office. With an influx of opportunities to meet new people, learn new things and expand their teams, startups can hugely benefit from coworking spaces.

Halkin offers a premium selection of coworking spaces in London, including prestigious W1 and SE1 postcodes for as little as £220 per month with no long-term commitment and flexible contracts. Find out how much your startup can benefit from a coworking space by speaking to a member of our team today. 

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