Coworking Space Advantages and FAQs

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular in modern-day offices. Creating a place for employees of different organisations to have a shared office space with all of the perks of a traditional office, coworking spaces are presented with the ability to network with like-minded professionals. From remote workers to small and start-up businesses, coworking spaces are an ideal work environment.

If you would like to take advantage of our coworking spaces in London, including prestigious W1 and SE1 postcodes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Below we will explore the advantages of coworking spaces and answer; are coworking spaces worth it?

1. Shared and Independent Spaces 

In regards to design, most coworking spaces are developed to diminish stagnant working. With access to shared spaces, people can choose when and how they wish to interact with others. Removing traditional cubicles and replacing them with open-plan meeting rooms, hot desk seating, glass walls and lounge areas, you can choose whether you wish to work collaboratively or in private with complete ease.

With conference rooms, meeting rooms and private offices, coworking spaces are not only user-friendly but client and visitor friendly, also. With the freedom to work together or independently, your coworking space will improve all working circumstances.

2. Cost-Efficient

Rather than paying an applied rate for a traditional private office space with a long-term lease, which may not be used in its entirety, choosing a coworking space means that you pay for what you need, when you need it. A cost-efficient space is particularly beneficial for small businesses that wish to continue growing and expanding their company. 


3. Networking and Community

Coworking spaces present the perfect opportunity to connect with people you may not otherwise meet. Casual introductions and regular meetings in your coworking space can facilitate a longer-term relationship and further business opportunities with potential clients and business partners. Companies using coworking spaces are often enthusiastic and encouraging of meeting new people as they will often offer networking events, training programs and social occasions.

4. Enhanced Productivity

Distractions and other responsibilities can be detrimental when working from home, meaning that productivity with your work is not your priority. Coworking spaces enhance productivity greatly by surrounding you with many other working professionals. Due to hot desking within co-work spaces, you can minimise interference and change your desk space or seating whenever you feel unmotivated.

Coworking spaces are specifically built to cater to different work styles and built to optimise productivity. Coworking spaces are full of people who are there for the same reason, meaning that there are minimal unnecessary distractions and there is a sense of community present which helps to motivate one another. 

5. Reduced Loneliness

Working from home has created a type of loneliness that would not usually be present when working in a shared space with other professionals. Hybrid working and home working have become the norm since 2019, consequently resulting in an influx of Google searches on how to combat loneliness while working from home.

Coworking spaces help to combat loneliness by providing a social setting within a space created for work. Whether you are able to have a conversation with a fellow coworking space user over coffee, or in passing, you are still receiving that well-needed human interaction with minimal effort.

6. Greater Flexibility

Not only do coworking spaces offer flexibility in terms of contracts; being available for as little as one month. They also create greater flexibility for employees. Flexible office spaces can create hours that are best suited for the schedule of their employees. There is no obligation for employees to work solely from their office space, therefore if home working is necessary some days, hybrid working is not uncommon.

7. Structure

Working from home can consist of minimal structure and unhealthy working conditions such as interruptions, uncomfortable spaces, noise and more. Without a commute to a separate workspace, home and work can become interchangeable and disorganised.

Coworking spaces introduce structure to your day, providing a specific site to arrive every morning and leave when your work is complete. Having the opportunity to work from a space separate to your home, you will be able to differentiate between your work day and personal time. 

8. Health and Wellness

Exercising and socialising during the day have proven to produce serotonin levels and also enhance cognitive ability and productivity. Similarly to creating a structure for your day, commuting to and from work can be a pivotal opportunity for exercise and fresh air. 

Many coworking spaces encourage extracurricular activities and clubs, enabling employees to socialise with their coworkers and other coworking space users. Whether it’s a book club, a quiz team or yoga, there are plenty of ways that coworking spaces can help improve the well-being of users which can impact satisfaction, happiness and general wellbeing.

Explore Beneficial Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces have become a global trend among businesses of all sizes. The combination of a well-curated workplace design and people who are all looking for a solution for the same thing has driven coworking spaces to the top of the league in choices for a professional working environment.

Halkin offers a range of coworking spaces available to rent in Watford and London. All designed and decorated to create optimal productivity and comfort with over twenty years’ industry experience, we’ve created memberships to service the needs of businesses, entrepreneurs and employees.

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