Grow a Desk Plant, Savour Some Kale

Grow a Desk Plant, Savour Some Kale
January 22, 2020

Plant is essential, kale is optional.

Biophilic design doesn’t just look great – it helps keep you and your team in tip top condition too. You don’t have to spend a lot either; gifting each employee a simple desk plant can make a big difference. Try it!

Some of the benefits include…

Reduced stress

Colour psychologists claim that the colour green has calming effects, and a study by University of Technology, Sydney discovered significant reductions in stress among people when plants were introduced to their office.

Increased productivity

According to research by the University of Exeter, productivity jumps by 15% when minimalist workspace environments are filled with just a few plants. Researcher Dr Chris Knight says adding a plant per sqm improves memory retention and helps employees score higher on basic tests.

Cleaner air

Dr Fraser Torpy of the University of Technology Sydney’s Plants and Indoor Environmental Quality Research Group discovered that indoor plants can help cut carbon dioxide levels by around 10% in air-conditioned offices, and by approximately 25% in buildings without air conditioning.

Now that’s what we call plant power!