Halkin Monument is ‘Highly Commended’ for Promoting Diversity

Halkin Monument is ‘Highly Commended’ for Promoting Diversity

March 18, 2019

Halkin was thrilled to receive a ‘highly commended for diversity’ award at the HOFFAs — the first property awards night to recognise the success of the flexible workspace industry in London.

Short for Hubble Office of the Future Awards, the event was held at Icetank in Covent Garden on March 7th 2019. Big names  and a number of exciting newcomers were among the guests.

It was great to meet so many different people from the industry all working towards the same goals. The night kicked off with a speech by Hubble’s CEO Tushar Agarwal and then it was over to the judges to present the awards.

Judges included property technology specialist Juliette Morgan and award-winning architect, Dara Huang.

Halkin Promoting Diversity Award

Halkin’s award basking on the terrace.

Halkin Monument Highly Commended for Promoting Diversity

From left: Kiran, Danielle and Emilie; Monument

Promoting diversity

The ‘Promoting Diversity’ category was designed to highlight flexible workspace operators that actively promote diversity and are able to evidence this in their statistics. Promoting and practising inclusivity and diversity is incredibly important to Halkin.

We strongly believe embracing diversity is what enables us to recruit the best talent and continue to grow as a business. It’s also no secret that diversity at all levels leads to better business outcomes.

All evidence points towards this fact. Forbes explains that teams outperform individual decision makers 66% of the time and decision making improves as team diversity increases. Compared to individual decision makers, all-male teams make better business decisions 58% of the time, while gender diverse teams are more discerning 73% of the time.

To add to that, teams that include a wide range of ages make better business decisions 87% of the time. So there you go!

Other categories included Family Friendly, Health & Wellness and Design of the Future. You can read about more about the winners on Hubble’s blog.


Another way in which we’re celebrating our company’s diversity is through our #humansofhalkin social media campaign. We launched it at the very beginning of March 2019 with the aim of showcasing a different member of the team each week.

It’s a chance for our ‘humans’ to share their journeys with our followers. Not stories we’ve concocted on their behalf, but from their own perspective. In time we hope to extend the campaign to include our members too.

Jennifer Blay

Jennifer Blay, Accounts Manager and our inaugural Human of Halkin.

Jason McDermott Humans of Halkin

Jason McDermott, our second Human of Halkin.

Keep up-to-date with #humansofhalkin every Friday on our Instagram.

Join us

We’re always looking for innovative, hard working people to join our diverse team.

If you think you’ve got something to contribute, feel free to send your CV and covering letter to hrmanager@halkin.com.