Halkin’s Self-Isolation Survival Kit

Halkin’s Self-Isolation Survival Kit

March 30, 2020

The UK government is urging people to stay indoors to protect the NHS and save lives. Non-key workers must only venture out when necessary for food, prescriptions and exercise.

We know we can do it, but it’s going to be a challenge.

Working from home can get lonely at the best of times, so don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not feeling 100% productive at all times.

To help us out, the Halkin team have rallied round to share their top tips for surviving self-isolation and social distancing. Take it away guys…

Amber MacKenzie, Central Sales Executive

First up is Amber, our trusty Central Sales Exec and mum to the two lovely lads below. Her self-isolation secrets are as follows:

-Healthy snacks, because being at home all day is a waistline nightmare

-An open window – need fresh air or else we’ll all shrivel up

-My airpods – taking calls without pressing my greasy, fingerprint and makeup smeared phone on my face is a win

-My yoga mat – stretching and doing weight exercises in between working keeps me motivated and stops me going stiff at my dining table

…And obvs my two sons, one of whom fully fell from the top of a door frame into a full mop bucket this morning like something from a cartoon.

Amber’s feline friends will help her get through this period of social distancing.

Amir Dangol, Head of IT

During self-isolation/distancing, I plan to finish ‘The Crown’ on Netflix every evening and purchase long life goods such as dried foods, canned foods, long life milk – anything with lots of carbs. Ooh, and not to forget drinking lots of water.

Amy Clasper, Centre Manager

Next up is Paris Gardens & Monument Manager, Amy, who reckons she’ll be in constant need the following items to stay sane…

-Tea and biscuits….lots of tea




-Disney movies

-Greys Anatomy

-Indoor work outs if I can’t go running (sadly I enjoy it now!)

-My slipper boots

-Taylor swift on repeat

-Ability to FaceTime my cats who live with my parents now (and maybe FaceTime the parents if I’m that bored, haha!)

Actually, can I swap my tinned goods for more booze or tea…?

Frederick Bailey, Head of Sales

For me it has to be a solid supply of tea AND wine, a well-stocked library (preferably with “The Cruel Sea”, the Flashman collection, and a Spectator subscription), and all the wonders of Apple’s Music store and podcast selection at my finger tips.

The Spectator will keep Freddie entertained & informed.

Catia Penas, Customer Service Executive

Catia who resides at our office in Watford Junction caught up with the team there to find out what self-isolation tips they swear by.

Self-isolation survival kit by Halkin
Watford’s survival tips.

Stacey Morkel, Sales and Centre Manager

Our Hanover Square head honcho Stacey has a fair few strategies up her sleeve when it comes to self-isolation, including getting that decorating you’ve been putting off done and dusted. Others include:


-Arts and Crafts

-Pet training, agility, bedroom parkour

-Exercise, yoga, Joe Wicks



-Prepare and plan forward

-Sing and dance

-Spring clean



-Come dine with me via Video calling

-Video games

-Board games

-Get jobs done around the house that have been needing doing the last 6 years

-PJ and cinema day

If you’ve not heard of Joe Wicks, where have you been?! (Home, obvs.)

We hope you’ll find the above tips useful over the coming weeks and (potentially) months. We’d also love to hear from you – how do you plan to get through this challenging time? Share your isolation strategies on Twitter and tag us @HalkinOffices.