#HumansofHalkin: Meet Amir Dangol, Head of IT

#HumansofHalkin: Meet Amir Dangol, Head of IT

July 5, 2019

Every week we shine the spotlight on the people who make us great: our #humansofhalkin.

“I was destined to live in London. I was only 19 when I packed my bags and waved goodbye to my family in the Kathmandu Valley City of Lalitpur, Nepal.

I had grown up surrounded by hills, a great view of a mountain range and fields with a long line of ancestors before me who had all been farmers.

But I knew that I had to blaze my own trail and make something of myself doing something I was fascinated by.

My father had been the first of the family to break from tradition and become a trader, importing and exporting goods. I’ve always looked up to him for his independence and confidence to be the first to do something.

He was the first of his friends to ride a bike or buy a tv, the first to drive a car and start up his own business. I want to follow in his footsteps and complete my Masters this year and get on the property ladder.

Maybe one day I’ll get married and move out to the countryside but right now I’m focused on finding my own way by exploring the unchartered waters of whatever lies ahead.”

Amir Dangol, Head of IT at @halkinoffices.

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