#HumansofHalkin: Meet Amy Clasper, Paris Gardens’ Centre Manager

#HumansofHalkin: Meet Amy Clasper, Paris Gardens’ Centre Manager

July 15, 2019

Every week we shine the spotlight on the people who make us great: our #humansofhalkin.

““Surprise!” my mum said. I was a honeymoon child. Two mortgages and now a baby could not have been the easiest start to my parents marriage but my dad’s unrelentingly positive attitude and his drive, having been the breadwinner for his family since his father died at fourteen, meant we were always going to be OK.

I was born in Guys Hospital just down the road from where I work as Centre Manager at our Paris Gardens Centre but I grew up in Bexleyheath and have done ever since.

That was until… I exchanged on a beautiful little flat in Kent this week! I am so incredibly chuffed to have a place to call my own and will be spending every penny on making it into my own little paradise.

When I’m not being my own personal interior designer I’m going to be my own personal trainer as I work towards the Brighton Half Marathon, a decision that could only have been made with a glass of wine in my hand.

But I’m signed up now so with a little of my father’s aforementioned drive and watching Forest Gump a few times I know I will be able to get there. Then I can relax and have another glass of wine to celebrate.”

– Amy Clasper, Centre Manager, Paris Gardens @halkinoffices.

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