#HumansOfHalkin: Meet Emilie Wardle, Customer Services Executive

#HumansOfHalkin: Meet Emilie Wardle, Customer Services Executive

May 15, 2019

Every week we shine the spotlight on the people who make us great: our #humansofhalkin.

“I grew up in Maldon in Essex. We moved about a bit when I was younger. We even lived in a house called The Old Castle which was pretty cool.

I narrowly avoided growing up in China but that is another story altogether! Instead, I studied graphic design at college and then went to UAL and did a degree in graphics and branding because I’ve always enjoyed making things, painting, designing and generally being creative.

I guess that comes from my parents pushing me to try new things and carve out my career path. They’ve been incredibly supportive to me over the years, teaching me that if you want something you need to work hard to get it. (When I was 14 I got a part-time job in a nail salon).

I feel like as I’ve got older I’ve appreciated them more and now I want to give back to them what they gave to me. So my goal moving forward is to really focus on my career and make them proud.

I want to leave a legacy behind me. I know I can do it, I just need to spend this year being focused and working hard to get there.”

Emilie Wardle, Customer Services Executive @halkinoffices.

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