#HumansOfHalkin: Meet Jason McDermott, Sales Manager

#HumansOfHalkin: Meet Jason McDermott, Sales Manager

April 4, 2019

Every week we shine the spotlight on the people who make us great: our #humansofhalkin.

“I was born just outside of Londonderry, Northern Ireland in one of those small villages where everyone knows each other. The kind of place where all the kids walk to school together and their parents all drink at the same pub. I’m sure they’ll all be in there having a pint this weekend for Paddy’s Day no-doubt.

I was still only a small kid when my parents split up and so I ended up moving into a house with my mum in the middle of nowhere. Limavady is the name of the town if you’ve ever been there. Personally I preferred the bright lights of Newcastle which is where I studied Chemistry at Northumbria Uni.

In the last year of my degree my mum got sick and I dropped out and spent quite a bit of time finding my way again. I worked in recruitment, I worked as a topless butler and a barman in all the clubs. I did all sorts of jobs but it was my mum that made me get my head together and why I’m working as hard as I can down in London.

I just want to make her proud and smile when she thinks of me. This year my goal is to fill up Paris Gardens with happy tenants and then I want to take on more buildings and fill them up after that so I can buy a beach house in Tynemouth to retire to.”

– Jason McDermott, Sales Manager at @halkinoffices.

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