Office Design Ideas and the Importance of a Happy Workspace

Office Design Ideas and the Importance of a Happy Workspace

January 8, 2020

Having a modern office design is a testament to the professionalism of your company and its ethos. Office space design has changed drastically within the last decade, with employers now placing a firm focus on making the working environment interactive and engaging, and rightly so!

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We spend much of our time working, 90,000 hours of our lives in fact, so our workspace should be somewhere that makes us feel good and are able to work efficiently. At Halkin, we’re breaking the mould of traditional office space hiring by offering clients the option to customise their offices to enhance their clients’ work experience.

Are Halkin an office design company?

While we are not interior designers, we do understand the importance of office space design and how this affects worth ethic, productivity and how we feel.

We want to be able to offer our clients the freedom to express their branding in whichever creative avenue they choose. Whether you’re an SME looking to further develop your business or a bigger agency requiring luxury office space in London, we think it’s important you are able to design your office however which way you want.

Below, we have outlined a few design ideas that can be applied to different office space types, including: break-out, co-working, managed and serviced office spaces.

Break-out spaces

These areas are designed to provide people with an open space to relax, eat lunch and socialise within the confines of their work environment.

Breakout areas are also thought to help promote productivity in the work area; by including quirky furniture, tea and coffee stations and free Wi-Fi, employers, clients and guests are able to take a breather from their busy office life.

Here are a few examples of breakout ideas to consider:

Coworking office layout designs

Co-working spaces are shared working areas and are viable alternatives to conventional office spaces. Known primarily for their cost-effectiveness and networking benefits, co-working spaces are popular among freelancers, SMEs and start-ups. At Halkin, our co-working space is based in Watford and comes with a number of major benefits that you won’t find in your typical co-working space.

Here are a few examples of modern co-working spaces:

Managed offices

Managed offices are essentially blank canvases. While on the surface they can look conventional and even bland, this opens up the opportunity for you to reshape the space in your company’s image. From choosing your own furnishings to opting for catering services and next-gen technology, a managed office caters to your every need and you have full control over how it looks and how it’s run.

The major benefit with Halkin is that we offer flexible tenancy terms as opposed to fixed contracts typically associated with managed offices.

Here are a few examples of ideal managed office spaces:

Serviced offices

Serviced offices you do not have the freedom to redesign your space how you would like. For clients who require bespoke office layouts and place a strong emphasis on branding, a serviced office may not be the solution. Instead, I’d recommend opting for a managed office, where you are able to design your space to suit your company’s branding requirements.

Here are a few examples of serviced office designs in London:

Alternatively, take a virtual tour of our serviced office in Monument.

The question you need to ask yourself is: how do you want your office to make you feel?

Everyone has different ideals and preferences when it comes to designing their own office space. It’s a very personal decision, but one that will affect the attitude and the unity of your coworkers.

How you design your office has a huge impact on your employees’ work ethic, for example, designing an office that’s bland, cramped and has little natural light won’t have as positive an effect as a workspace surrounded with natural light, plants, break-out spaces and collaboration areas.

Including little perks such as free coffee and fruit is also important when thinking about a contemporary office space design. These incentives add to the overall office experience and can be the difference between being productive and enjoying your workspace and regretting getting out of bed in the morning.

We offer more than just luxury office space in London

We are trying to redefine what it means to work in a serviced, managed or co-working space in London. Unlike other office rental spaces, we offer clients the option to transform their office space to suit their requirements. Whether it’s as simple as hanging your brand or logo upon the feature wall, or completely renovating the space with new furniture and a paint job, your office should represent your company’s ethos and personality.

We work with you to help you find a workspace that meets your every requirement and offer our advice to help you create your ideal office design.

Call or email our team for more information on our office spaces or to arrange a viewing at a time that suits you.