Print Less, Talk More, Send Some Mail

Print Less, Talk More, Send Some Mail

January 23, 2020

Changing everyday habits can make a big difference.

There’s never been a better time to embrace environmentally friendly practices at work. While achieving Europe’s low carbon and sustainability vision is still possible, it will require a collective effort.

What simple things can we do at work to make a positive change?

Print less and recycle more

When it comes to recycling, start with paper. Place accessible recycling bins in your office and re-use misprints for note taking. Old or unused electronics can also be recycled, as can food waste.

Use energy efficient appliances

Replace any power guzzling appliances with energy efficient alternatives.

LED lights are 80% more efficient than other forms such as fluorescent and incandescent lights. 95% of the energy in an LED is converted into light, with only 5% being wasted in heat.

Phase out single use items

Place a ban on disposable coffee cups and invest in re-usable kitchenware for staff to use daily. Some coffee shops offer a discount when you take in a reusable cup, so consider buying members of your team one as a gift.

Keep in mind that a lot of energy goes into making reusable cups and tote bags, so try not to lose them, as buying multiple products defeats the point.

Commute differently

To limit the level of greenhouse gases your company distributes into the atmosphere, arrange a carpool and encourage people to walk, cycle or take public transport instead.

Cycling and walking to work is a great way to get fit without having to go “out of your way” to do so!