9 Virtual Office Benefits List & FAQs

You can’t put a price on someone trusting your business, which is what virtual offices do best and is their chief benefit. However, many incredible advantages will make a virtual office worth it and can help you to decide whether it would be a good investment. We know all the pros and cons of virtual offices thanks to your position as leading providers of community workspaces.

If you would like to take advantage of all the virtual office benefits we will explore in London, with prestigious W1 and SE1 postcodes to choose from, please feel free to get in touch with us. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a virtual office for your business:

1. You Get Reputational Gains from a Virtual Office Address

A key benefit of virtual offices is that you can use a prestigious business address without the huge commitment of time and expense in a brick-and-mortar office. A virtual office gives you access to an office environment but with a flexible working experience and the ability to work from home. But, a competitor, client or just a person looking up your company will not see that!

So, whether you are working remotely or have a virtual office package that gives you physical office spaces to enjoy – there are significant reputational and prestige gains to your business. Imagine being able to say ‘I have an office in London’ without ever paying as much for physical office space. It really is a win-win situation!

2. You Can Achieve a More Productive Workflow

Many people find that a virtual office space increases productivity. Although many people will choose a virtual office because they will not be using any type of physical office space often, having the option to go in for meetings or concentrate on certain tasks can give you a boost in terms of workflow and productivity.

It is quite easy to feel trapped in front of a laptop or a room, so the ability to change scenery and adjust as needed will be quite welcome if the walls start to close in on you while working from home.

3. You Will Lower Commute Time

A virtual-only membership at one of our fantastic locations eliminates the commute, but even if you are coming in you will find them extremely accessible.

Many people find a cost-benefit and a boost to their quality of life with lower commute times, which is great if you opt for remote work at your home address. However, because many of our virtual office locations are in such prime locations, you can easily travel to them to use the meeting rooms or just to work in a different type of space.

4. You Can Get Better Privacy

These days many people feel conscious of how Google-able they are, and what potential snoopers can find out about them. When you open yourself up for business, you open yourself up to the world – so presenting an office address for your small business at a legitimate office is a much better option than using your home address.

Small businesses are sometimes an easy target for fraudsters and perpetrators of other nefarious scams, but an office address with mail or call handling can help to weed out potential problems before they ever become an issue. In a virtual office, one of the key benefits is that you can be sure any communications that make it to you are serious and legitimate.

5. It is Easy to Save Money on Tech

Whether it is a super-crisp 4K projector, an ultra-fast internet connection or simply a mega-fancy coffee machine, a virtual office setup is designed to give you the benefits of each without the expense. Not only can you save money on real estate, but the savings also keep flooding your way whenever you come into the space to work.

6. You Have Access to a Wider Range of Talent

Telecommuting is nothing new but you can embrace these ways of working while maintaining an official registered office address when using our virtual office memberships. Taking on large numbers of people is completely simple when you use a virtual office, because they will take up zero room while still making their impact on your business.

7. It is Very Easy to Expand… or Contract

One of the main things that makes business worthwhile and exciting is the ability to meet demand. Most people will find the prospect of expansion difficult and sometimes a daunting prospect financially. But, in a virtual office, you have no such worries!

Expanding your base or shrinking it as you require is completely effortless and almost completely free with a virtual office membership. Growth will be an exciting prospect and never become a limiting factor.

8. Business Support À la Carte

At places like our Mayfair locations, you will find extensive support from a dedicated management team – so if you have a rush on a big pitch and need a space, could do with a coworking room for a project brainstorm, or just want to book a meeting room with a particular level of tech, we can help.

All of our virtual offices give you ad-hoc support for your business, as and when you require it, so there is no need to mess around with expensive rates for spaces you only use occasionally.

9. No Long-Term Commitments

Commercial office space is a commitment in terms of cost and time spent on such a valuable investment. However, by using a virtual office, you will save yourself this hassle and can enjoy a sometimes fleeting, free and spontaneous approach to your business.

Maybe you have hit it big and want to buy your own physical office space, maybe you want to take meetings in a few other cities or just take a break. Whatever it is, with simple arrangements for various levels of membership charged per week or per month, you are never tied down.

Virtual Office Benefits from Business Experts

We have a range of virtual office packages available in incredible locations in London, which will surely wow any client or potential visitor. Whether you never go there and only want a registered office, need the occasional meeting room, or would prefer a completely private office space, we can help with flexible and cost-effective options.

Our services are impeccable and precisely attuned to any business need you might imagine. Learn more about our team’s approach to virtual offices and take advantage of all the benefits we describe above to give yourself the same advantages as all the leading businesses in your sector.

Get in touch with us today to find out more.