What is a serviced office and how would it benefit my business?

With a number of different office types floating around, it can be difficult to understand which is which and what setting is most appropriate for your business and lifestyle. It’s important to understand what a serviced office is to ensure you make the right decision for your business.

What is a serviced office?

A serviced office, as the name suggests, is a type of office that comes fully serviced to accommodate typical business requirements. They are fully-furnished, fully-equipped (with computers, video and communications tech) offices that are typically run and managed by an office rental company (like Halkin). Serviced offices can range in size and scale, from small private offices to entire floors, and they are leased short-term, long-term or flexibly depending on the company’s policy. 

The benefits of a modern serviced office

As the world of business develops, companies are looking for more flexible and versatile workspace solutions and serviced offices provide that need. This is particularly apparent since the presence of COVID-19, which has forced millions of businesses around the globe to consider new ways of working. 

Companies are now more open to the idea of remote working, as well as attending traditional offices and workplaces only when it is safe to do so, or deemed essential. 

Serviced offices are ideal for such situations, with flexible lease options and offices designed to meet their every need. For many businesses, not being tied down to a long lease is an extremely appealing prospect, as they’re able to work flexibility without the threat of being told they can’t go back to work (due to COVID).

No hidden costs and flexible leases

As well as flexible leases serviced offices also alleviate much of the hassle and nuisance that comes with running a traditional office. Factors such as maintenance costs, cleaning, furnishing the building, security, gas and electricity, internet and even food and drinks are all covered and accounted for in premium serviced offices (we provide all of this at Halkin). This is especially appealing for start-ups, freelancers and smaller businesses who are looking for professional office solutions without the hassle of financing all the maintenance costs. 

Access to some fantastic facilities and amenities

In addition to the cost-effectiveness of serviced offices, some office rental companies go the extra mile when it comes to office amenities and facilities. Companies in the office rental industry rarely offer serviced offices without other office solutions, such as managed offices, meeting rooms and conference areas. With Halkin, members are able to take advantage of every facility at our disposal (including the above) and co-working spaces and virtual addresses.

Away from work, our buildings also include welcoming staff at reception desks, expertly-designed breakout spaces, in-house restaurants (and catering services), and even a private roof terrace at our Monument building - which can be hired out for private events. Again, the facilities and amenities at your disposal depend entirely on the company you’re renting office space from. 

Who are serviced offices best suited to?

Serviced offices are ideal for practically any business that’s looking for a cost-effective office solution. Due to their versatility, they’re able to accommodate almost any business requirement. You could argue that serviced offices are great for smaller businesses because they provide a fully-furnished office to move into almost immediately and provide shorter flexible lease options. On the other hand, they’re also great for larger agencies looking for serviced offices in prime locations (such as central London).

Some bigger businesses may even want to use a serviced office on a temporary basis, if, for example, they’re an international business that wants a fast, professional and fully-equipped workspace at short notice. 

What's the difference between a serviced office and a managed office?

While both offer a fully-furnished and equipped to accommodate modern business necessities, the main difference between a serviced and a managed office comes down to input from the tenant. Managed offices allow more room for customisation and the tenant is allowed more control and freedom over their rented workspace. 

You can think of a managed office like a blank canvas, the tenant has full reign of what they want to include. If they’re a small company, they might want only a few desks and chairs to plug-in and work. They may choose to go creative with the rest of the room and include comfortable sofas for ideation sessions or even a TV. A bigger, more corporate company might rely more heavily on communications tech and require a much larger office space. With managed offices, everything from desk sizes to the colour of the room and the art on the wall is up to the tenant’s discretion. 

In essence, you will need to inform the company you’re renting from of your requirements so they’re best able to meet your demands and have your office ready or when you move in. 

Is a serviced office right for my business?

If you’re looking for a flexible workspace that can accommodate your businesses’ every need, a serviced office from Halkin is exactly what you’re looking for. We provide fully-equipped and furnished serviced offices across iconic locations inside and outside of London, all of which are close to accessible transport links. 

To learn more about how Halkin can transform your business, or to arrange a viewing at our of our iconic London buildings, get in touch with our team today.

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