Born from over twenty years’ industry experience, we’ve created our Smart Working Membership to truly service the needs of the SME business and entrepreneurs. So, whether you need call handling, an address or some flexible coworking desks, we’re on-hand to help.

    Smart Flexible Desk
    Take your own desk in a shared environment.
    Smart Fixed Desk
    Take one of our co-working desks with secure locker.

    Our coworking office spaces in London

    The main benefits that come with our coworking spaces include:

    • A low risk, cost-effective workspace solution
    • Networking opportunities
    • Creative, fun and social atmosphere
    • Access to exceptional facilities and resources
    • Flexible payment options
    • No long-term contracts


    What is a coworking space?

    Also known as hot-desking, these are spaces that provide the client with a desk space that is shared by other employees or freelancers. It is a flexible solution for people looking for a cost-effective workplace solution. Workers may come and go as they please, select a free workspace and work whenever suits them.

    Coworking spaces are popular among freelancers and start-ups looking for a flexible and cost-effective way to run their businesses.

    Coworking FAQs

    • Can I make the desk ‘my own’?
    • Can I leave my things at the desk?
    • Can I rent a one-person private office?
    • Is their storage space on my desk?
    • What sort of people will I be working with?
    • Do I have 24-hour access to my desk?
    • What facilities are available to me?
    • Do you offer coworking space in Central London?

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    Arrange to view your coworking space in London today

    Coworking spaces provide fantastic opportunities to network with like-minded people and offer a low-risk, cost effective solution for freelancers and start-up businesses. For more information on your coworking space services, office facilities, locations or to discuss specific requirements before your viewing, please contact us via phone or email.