Art is the breath of everything that used to be

    June 26, 2017

    This Summer rose & king galleries in collaboration with the Aria art gallery and Giorgio Baratti gallery invites you to discover ‘Timelessness’: an exhibition showcasing over five centuries of art, where renaissance masters will stand alongside new, contemporary names. Among the artists exhibited will be renaissance master Antonio Bronzino.

    ’The doors of history are open. They take you on a voyage through the creative experience and a beauty that transcends the ages.’

    Private View 29 June 2017, 6 – 9pm
    Please RSVP at rsvp@rosekinggalleries.com
    Exhibition 30 June / 29 September 2017
    For appointments: appointments@rosekinggalleries.com

    Each painting is a meaningful object that tells an experienced history or a metaphor, a sacred affair or an allegory, that sets the scene for pure contemplation or attempts to imitate a piece of nature. A painting always contains an indefinite amount of thoughts, more or less understandable, that are kneaded together with the chromatic material. In that blend of chemistry and physics, of technique and know-how, are all the reflections and intentions that the author has developed during execution, as well as other unconscious factors induced by history and geography.

    Whether they are simple, absent minded, or complex thoughts arrived at through labyrinthine theories, they are, in any case, equivalent to seeds stored in an urn, which continue to have potential fertility. This miraculous property makes art a vehicle through centuries and generations that can survive the mutations of taste and culture to give us a valuable sense of feeling and sentiment.

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